Obesity and Health


27th to 28th April 2009

Lakeside Conference Centre
Aston University, Birmingham

Fifth National
Conference on
Obesity and Health


Lakeside CentreThe obese and the overweight in the UK are still on the increase even after many years of directed research and action. The associated clinical morbidity and social and individual consequences continue to accrue in our communities.

There is now a large workforce undertaking research projects that are now being reported on at all levels of clinical and biochemistry. These activities are providing much understanding of the individual reasons for weight gain. Another workforce is engaged in researching the social and environmental issues behind individual and community weight gain, giving additional perspectives for the management of weight. This conference aims to bring much of this work to our attention.

2009 Theme
Controversies in the Prevention and Management of Obesity: Managing the Balance

Numerous other organisations are now making obesity and weight gain a sector of their planned activity as reflected in their own conferences each year. The Conference will invite many of these organisations to contribute to the Programme.

Conference 2009There still needs to be a clear collaborative, inter-disciplinary approach to patient support and this has been reflected in the activities around the UK, to regional and community groups for all ages from pre-school to old age.

Reviewing the internet, the main focus seems to be on the matter of energy intake balanced with energy expenditure. This is nothing new accept that with a lot more understanding of weight gain, the preferred first option for all is effective lifestyle changes in the individual and "support" family and friends. If the reduction in weight is resistant to these changes then alternative intervention are available.

The challenge for those working with those with weight gain scenarios is to plan, educate and motivate for change in behavioural, lifestyle and dietary routines to supplement other strategies used in the management of the overweight.

Outline Programme and Conference Objectives can be seen here

Over the next few months next year's programme will be developed. Suggestions of speakers and topics are encouraged from all specialists and groups involved in the prevention and management of obesity. Please put your ideas forward here.

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