Controversies in the Prevention and Management of Obesity: responsibilities, roles and results

28th April 2008

Day 1

08.00 Registration and Coffee
09.00 Welcome
  Session 1 -:  Ethics, Goals and Performance – Chair:
09.10 Directions for National Action
Dr Will Cavendish, Director of Health and Wellbeing, Department of Health
09.30 The Role of Regulation
Jude Williams, Head of Public Health at the Healthcare Commission
10.00 Public Health Ethical Issues:
Hugh Whittall, Nuffield Director, Council on Bioethics
10.30 Break
  Session 2 -:  The Circumstances of Obesity
11.00 Diet, Obesity and Genes, ‘Diogenes’:
James Stubbs, Diogenes Project and Slimming World
11.30 Ethnic Cultures and Obesity: Managing and Preventing Obesity in South Asian Communities
Shirine Boardman, Consultant in Endocrinology and Diabetes at Warwick Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Obesity and Metabolic Research, University of Warwick
12.00 Exploring the Obesogenic Environment
Amelia Lake, NIHR Research Fellow, Newcastle University
12.30 Lunch, Exhibition and Information Exchange
  Session 3 -: Resources to Reduce and Manage Weight – Private – Public Collaborative Partnerships: Chair Kath Sharman TBC
13.30 Community Fit Club – a public Sector Toolkit
Denise Hampson, Hampson Solutions
13.50 Evaluation of a Weight Management Partnership
Jenny Poulter, Nutrition Works!
14.10 Body Morph: a strategy to tackle obesity
Clare Hencken, Sport and Exercise Science, University of Portsmouth
  Seminars Session 1 – Resources to Reduce and Manage Weight
14.30 - 15.30 "Dancing not wrestling"-the role of Motivational Interviewing in managing obesity
Judith Carpenter, freelance MI Trainer and registered Dietician
  Body Morph: a strategy to tackle obesity
Clare Hencken, Sport and Exercise Science University of Portsmouth
15.30 Break
15.45 - 16.45 ProHealthCHIP a community-based weight management  programme
Sandy Evans GP Dietician
SHINE on the Move: a psycho-social intervention. Does it work?
Kath Sharman, SHINE
  Session 4 – Proffered Papers
16.50 O1 District Hospital Led Specialist Obesity Service
C. Rajeswaran, Consultant Physician, Dewsbury Hospital
17.10 Global On-line Obesity Programmes
O2 A Selection of Educational Games to be Incorporated into the Carnegie Weight Group Obesity Programme
Fleur Howle, Gaming Shakespeare, London

O3 Ruckus Nation
Fred Dillon, HopeLab California
17.30 Shaun MattisonHow do we change behaviour? Financial incentives to get people healthy.
Shaun Mattison, Chief Executive, Pru Health
  RECEPTION and Poster Viewing


29th April 2008

Day 2

08.45 Solutions to Obesity: Empowering Patient Self Care
Garreth Ford, Counsellor and Freelance Trainer, Weight Management Clinic, Hope Hospital, Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust
  Outreach Work – how do you reach people to educate?
Kath Sharman, SHINE
09.45 BREAK
10.15 Exercise and Health  – what can it offer.
British Association of Sports and Exercise Science
  Initiative for client with learning disabilities  - The WOW Club
Jeff Bartley, Physiotherapist and Active Living Co-ordinator North Lancashire PCT
  Session 5 – Proffered Papers
11.20 O4 Fit Friendz: an evaluation of a family based childhood obesity intervention
Orla Flannery, University of Salford.
O5 Developing an NHS Childhood Obesity Service Using Qualitative Methods: what works
Lisa Newson, Knowsley PCT.
11.50 Mini-Mend: a focus on 2 to 4 year olds,
Carol Morgan MEND, London
  Guest Speaker
12.20 Prue LeithObesity: the tip of the iceberg
Prue Leith, Chair of the School Foods Trust
12.50 Lunch
  Session 6 – Individual and Supporter Led Approaches -
13.45 Mini-Mend -
Carol Morgan – MEND,  London
  ‘Practical Lifestyle Options for Weight Management in Primary Care’
Sandy Evans, GP Dietician or Childhood obesity: Causes, Consequences and Challenges. (Volunteered)
  Session 7 - Proffered Papers
14.50 O6   Impact of a Structured Group Nutrition Education Programme on Weight Loss in Young Obese Soldiers
Geoffrey Gui, Alexandra Hospital, Singapore.
15.05 O7 Behavioural Therapy for Obesity Treatment considering Approved Drug Therapy
B Krossman et al, Sauerlech, Germany
  Guest Speaker
15.20 Up & Coming Therapies: Novel Treatments for Diabetes, Obesity and Weight Management
Omar Ali, Formulary Development Pharmacist, Surrey & Sussex NHS Trust
15.50 Close & Tea

Items and speakers are subject to change. Please check here for updates.